Health and Nutrition

Our Approach

ANF helps Nicaraguans in dire circumstances of poverty improve their access to quality healthcare and nutrition. Thanks to its collaborators, ANF is able to distribute much­needed medicine, supplies, and medical equipment to its network of health centers across the country. This network encompasses primary care centers, dispensaries, rural clinics, public hospitals, specialized care centers for cancer patients, and psychiatric care units. Additionally, we support nutritional recovery programs for children under the age of five, provide health education to students in resource­ poor areas, and enhance the mobility of people with disabilities.

Why Health & Nutrition?

  • In Nicaragua, 17% of children under the age of 5 are undergoing severe conditions of malnutrition. (ENDESA/INIDE Census 2012)

Health Campaigns

In conjunction with schools and local communities, ANF seeks to improve health education and build awareness for disease prevention and healthier lifestyles. Public health experts educate communities on prevalent health issues as well as coordinate and monitor campaigns. Examples of past campaigns include deworming, hygiene promotion, head lice treatment, recycling, and hand­washing.

Health Center Distribution Network

ANF partners with a network of trusted dispensaries (clinics provided by charitable funds) and public hospitals in order to reach uninsured, remote, and impoverished families across Nicaragua. We help health centers meet their needs by providing medicine, equipment, medical supplies, and technical assistance.

Nutritional Relief

ANF’s improves the health of underweight children under 12 years of age by providing nutritional centers with vitamin­fortified and nutrient­rich foods. Basic nutritional supplements include milk, cereals, soy, rice, beans, potatoes, and dehydrated vegetables. ANF regularly assesses children under the care of these centers, conducting case­by­case supervision to assure the program’s effectiveness.

Removing Barriers (Disability)

ANF works to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities through the provision of wheelchairs, canes, walkers, and other mobility assistive equipment. Additionally, we procure custom­made devices for children with motor skills disorders.

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