Our crowdfunding campaign

We recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to help safeguard humanitarian aid for Nicaragua’s poor.

Below, you’ll find more information on that campaign:


In order to salvage our donations and continue on with our mission to alleviate poverty in Nicaragua, we need your help to repair our warehouses. You can donate as little as $1.

ANF works with a network of over 1,200 governmental, religious, and nonprofit entities — schools, rural clinics, orphanages, elderly homes, hospitals, etc. — to ensure the delivery of humanitarian aid to the most vulnerable communities in poverty-stricken Nicaragua. Since 1992, ANF has distributed over $1.6 billion worth of aid across the country.

In 2014, we distributed 378 ocean-freight containers of aid, all stored in our 3 warehouses, which together have the surface area of a US football field. After 20 years of wear and tear, these warehouses are in danger of collapsing.

Nicaragua’s poor are at risk of losing 36,000 meals per day, medicine and supplies for 140 medical centers, and educational materials for 75,000 children and 600 schools. Will you help us prevent this potential catastrophe?

Nicaragua’s rainy season starts in June. Heavy rainfall and strong tropical winds put our entire operation at risk. We need your help.

As Nicaragua’s 2nd largest importer and 1st largest relief and development organization, ANF depends on its worn-down warehouses to store donated aid.

What will you be safeguarding with your donations? Items include:

  • Medicine and medical equipment
  • Wheelchairs and mobility assistive devices
  • School supplies
  • Classroom furniture
  • Household items and construction materials
  • Food such as vitamin-fortified soy blends, rice, beans, milk, cereals, etc.

ANF operates to achieve maximum impact for every donation. Of every $1 received, only $0.02 is spent on administrative expenses, maximizing what can be contributed to those who need it most: Nicaragua’s poor. This leaves our organization with very limited resources for extraordinary expenses such as the one we are facing now with our warehouses.

The total cost of the roof repairs is quoted at $164,153 (roughly $2.50/ft2), an out-of-pocket expense that can no longer be avoided. (After a lengthy proposal process involving 5 contractors, we chose the winning vendor based on costs, transparency, and experience.)

Funding covers the following costs:

  • 1 month of construction workers’ labor
  • 2 full roof placements
  • 1 roof repair
  • Lateral structural repairs
  • Roof insulation
  • Fixtures for harnesses and other safety measures
  • All materials required
  • 10-year guarantee

Hundreds of impoverished communities depend on us. Let’s not let them down.

Please help us keep our commitment to Nicaragua’s poorest communities and ensure the delivery of these much-needed donations. On behalf of the thousands of people we serve, the ANF family thanks you for your generosity and support.

Visit the campaign here →

For less than $1 a day, you can change a child's life!